Three books for thinking children

I was recently asked about a book for a thinking child: I first chose The Day No one was Angry . It is a book of 12 stories about the 12 different forms of anger – the light blue, transparent colour of melancholy, “like a warm morning in early summer, with not a breath of wind.”  It is philosophical and open-ended and has beautiful humour that almost wisps past you.

For younger children, I love All the Dear Little AnimalsIt is a picture book that has character development, humour, pathos, drama and three strong characters – the bossy older sister Esther, the gentle poet narrator, and Puttie, the child whose job is to cry. It is a very good book, I think.

I like all the Dani books, starting with My Happy Life, for the thinking six year old. I do like books that have both substance and humour, and beautiful drawings from Eva Eriksson. My inner six year old loves these books! I am also most fond of Detective Gordon. (But enough, or Basta! as Dani’s Italian father would say).

1The Day No one was Angry

By Marc Boutavant

2All the Dear Little Animals

By Ulf Nilsson

3My Happy Life

By Rose Lagercrantz

4Detective Gordon: The First Case

By Ulf Nilsson



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