10 preschool books in te reo Māori

Following a request from an ECE teacher looking to build up her library of titles in te reo Māori, Lucy - from The children's Bookshop - made a selection of 10 tried and true books.

1Reo Pēpi series – especially Kanohi by Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson

A great sturdy bilingual board book series. People really like the faces one as babies this age like looking at and copying faces.

2Te Whare and Ko Kiwi mā By Ngaere Roberts and Christine Dale

New titles from new publisher One Tree House. I would love to see these in board book.

A simple bilingual book with different adjectives for how you might be feeling.

4Te Reo Singalong series by Sharon Holt and Deborah Hinde

A really popular series – especially with preschools. New ones come out every year.

5Ko Wai e Huna Ana? by Satoru Onishi

A really fun book from Gecko Press with sentences that are simple enough for beginners. Gecko Press should translate more of their books!

6Kei Hea te Hipi Kākāriki? by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek

A classic from Mem Fox that makes for a very expressive read-a-loud.

7Te Pāmu o Koro Meketānara by Donovan Bixley

Great and funny pictures from Donovan Bixley and a well-known rhythm that helps with pronunciation. Rhythm and rhyme don’t always carry over in translations but this one works!

8I Te Tīmitanga by Peter Gossage

The only Peter Gossage in te reo Māori so it’s a must-have, really.

Mo Willem’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! in te reo Māori. Just as recognisable a toddler character as he is in English. Crazy and awesome.

10Te Aihe i Waiata by Mere Whaanga

The only book I know of that was written in te reo Māori first and then English. Very important as often translations lose the poetry and magic of the language. Probably for older kids but I had to put it on the list.



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